Get to know the API! If you need any help, refer to our dedicated #api-discussion channel in our support server.

Important Notes

All endpoints require your API token in the Authorization header. More on that under the "Endpoints" section.

API Wrappers:


Where can I find the API endpoints? Find them here:
I got a 429! What can I do? This means you have hit the rate limit. If you need an extended rate limit, refer to our whitelisting program.
Are there any requirements for whitelisting? We don't have a set "requirement" of anything to get whitelisted. We will whitelist you if you provide a valid reason why you need to get whitelisted, if you follow all our guidelines, and if your application is fairly large (smaller ones shouldn't need whitelisting)
How do I get whitelisted? You can apply by pinging a mod in #support or #api-discussion for instructions on what you need to provide to us. We won't be whitelisting random applications without a good reason why whitelisting is needed.
I can't access the endpoint [Insert endpoint here]! Chances are this means the endpoint is for whitelisted apps only. Refer to the "How do I get whitelisted?" question for more information on this.
[Insert something] doesn't make sense! If you need help with something, refer to our quick start guide or ask for help in #api-discussion.
I need help with something not listed here! For other questions or general discussion, use #api-discussion

Getting Started

Step 1: Registering your application Step 1: Registering your application 1) Head over to and click on the "Create New" button 2) Fill out all the required fields with information on the app you want to use the API with 3) Hit "Create App" and make note of the generated API key
Step 2: Finding your library We have a few options for API libraries you can use. You can choose one of the below or use the raw API.
Javascript Library: Dsc.js - Python Library: - Java Library: -
Step 3: Start developing Depending on the API library you choose, you can learn how to use it via the corresponding docs. If you are directly using our API, you can continue with the raw endpoints at:
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